The college has a well-stocked library with over 520books only for pharmacology department. It subscribes international and national journals; library has computerized information management system, which allows immediate tracing and retrieval of any publication in library.

The library is provided with Helinet service an indexing and abstracting service cover number of international and national journals and books.




Effect of Arq Gauzaban a Unanipathy product on the isolated frog heart” Published in Acta pharmaceutica Turcica 47 : 159-164 (2005)

  *  “Influence of Metronidazole on the hypoglycaemic effect of

      tolbutamide in healthy albino rabbits”. Published in Indian Drugs

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  *  “Anti-diarrhoel evaluation of Ficus racemosa latex., LINN” Acta

      Pharmaceutical Sciences (accepted and in Press)

  *  “Synthesis and evaluation of biological activities of certain Pyrazolines

      and their substituted aryl methylene derivatives”

     Paper is communicated to the India Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

  *   Influence of antipsychotic drugs on antidiarrhoeal activity of

       propantheline”Adv.Pharmacol.Toxicol. Vol.7 (3) 2006, 61-64 ISSN



*  Influence of Itraconazole on Sulfonylurteas-Induced Hypoglycemia in

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